Made In Manningham is a programme which aims to inspire local people to start their own community businesses.

Made in Manningham

We are a small team based in Manningham Mills Community Centre and are funded by Power To Change.

We offer small Seed Grants for community business ideas, a women’s leadership course called Rising Stars, a community market and engagement activities including litter picks.

Individuals, groups and community businesses in our area can receive support and training to develop their ideas.

Our Community Business Hub is a shared workspace for local people to connect, create and develop their community business.

Listers Mil

Manningham Mills Community Centre
Lilycroft Road

Made In Manningham Markets are a great opportunity for local entrepreneurs to test trade their ideas in front of potential customers.

We host various events in Manningham featuring our pop-up market stalls where local people can try and buy products and services created by aspiring entrepreneurs.