Business Team & Skills Volunteering

Business team volunteering is a great way to build teams, develop individuals and make a real difference in your community. At Participate we work with some of the largest companies in the UK to develop and deliver their team volunteering whilst supporting their ESG.

Our Skills for Good project we will identify the skills, knowledge and expertise within your business so we can match you with available projects at local non-profits.

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The Venturists

Introducing The Venturists

Does your school or community organisation work with young people?
Do you want your young people to become active citizens and have a voice in their local community?
The Venturist can help!

The Venturists is a project designed for young people and gives them the opportunity to create and deliver viable social action projects. We help young people to plan their projects, accessing the tools and resources they need to bring their idea to life and make a real impact.

Start or Grow your Social Venture With Us

Do you have an idea that could make a difference to your community? Do you want to support for your existing community initiative? We have an experienced team who have helped hundreds of people with a social focus to start and grow charities, social enterprises, community businesses and projects.

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Develop Your Business With Us

Do you want to support for your business? Do you want to set up a new enterprise, develop a new business or need advice on your current business operations? We can help!

Our friendly staff will work with you to develop a plan. This will include supporting you through business coaching, mentoring, co-working space and workshops.

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