Social Venture Support

Participate offers a range of support to new and existing socially focused organisations; including charities, social enterprises, community businesses and projects.

We work with you to develop a unique blend of enterprise support specific for your needs.

Business Support

We support local people by helping them explore and develop business ideas.

Whether you’re a beginner who wants to make explore an idea, or someone who’s just started a business and wants help to grow -we’re here to help.

‘Participate have helped structure my project from a basic concept to a viable social business with a big vision, all whilst providing professional mentoring and personal support. Participate are friends, mentors, critics and strategists – all in one’
Stuart Hill, Director, Access Hospitality

‘The mix of start-up funding and other support from the programme has been invaluable to us. From small beginnings as a local project, we are now working at an international level. We have been given specialist third sector support from Participate as well as business skills from private sector volunteers. Attending Social Venture School gave us the confidence, skills and tools to deliver the first ever mixed ability international rugby tournament.’

‘Being introduced to Participate was a huge stroke of luck on our part. Participate have provided us with a human face of Charity support, a kind and caring service giving us back our feeling of worth and value. Participate have provided us with a thoroughly professional, supportive and above all care based service. They provide a clear map, with clear instruction in a sea of constant change. We are immensely grateful for their support that has positively influenced and greatly contributed to our on going success and progress in the last three years – all very much down to their experience, enthusiasm, unique delivery and informed advice.’

‘The skills and expertise of Participate have been invaluable. Through 1-2-1 meetings, group facilitation sessions, residential conferences, remote editing work, email support and telephone calls, Participate have enabled FoSA to move mountains! Two years ago, the charity and service was in a very vulnerable position… thanks to Participates support, we no longer worry about the future, we embrace it.’

‘Participate have been a fantastic support to KHL especially helping to successfully gain additional funding and looking at new opportunities. The team have generated lots of ideas around the development of the organisation and solutions to help ensure KHL sustainability. It has been a really positive experience working with Participate.’

‘We consider it very important on a number of levels for Christeyns to offer support to local organisation/charities in the community, first and foremost we hope that we can make a small but positive difference to the organisation, secondly, we often see things that in our normal day to day work we would have no idea about and thirdly, from a business perspective helping do something outside work helps us as an organisation to work as a team, get to know each other better and of course have fun!’

‘Participate are helping local businesses such as ours, to contribute to the social and economic regeneration of the Bradford district and by getting involved, Provident is contributing to the creation of a thriving and successful district. Volunteering is great for team building, improving employee morale and skills development.’