Here at Participate we are all about ideas

From the small ideas that make the lives of people better in a single community to the big ideas that change the world. We support people and organisations to realise their potential by providing support that helps them to develop and grow their ideas into sustainable projects and enterprises.

Each year we support hundreds of individuals, charities, social enterprises, community groups, businesses and schools. The projects we support are found in areas of deprivation, tackle social issues or work with specific client groups in areas such as disability or homelessness.

Over the years we have helped to tackle a wide range of issues including:

Disability sport, community buildings and assets, youth provision, financial inclusion, outdoor learning in schools, wildlife and environment, homelessness, science education, the arts and much more.

Our Recipe

Our recipe is simple:

Idea – Use our networks and reputation to find people and organisations with great ideas.

Comprehension – Really understand what a person or organisation is trying to achieve.

Needs Assessment – Use our insight and experience to identify gaps in skills, knowledge and resources.

Planning – help people and organisation to plan the support needed to grow their idea.

Resources – Use the skills, resources and knowledge of our team, our private sector partners and our wider networks to meet the support needs identified.

Sustainability – create long term relationships where people and organisations are empowered; and the need for support diminishes over time.

Where We Work

Our work is concentrated in areas of deprivation although we will work with anyone who has the ideas and passion to improve their community or tackle a social issue. Participate started in Bradford, West Yorkshire and a large part of our work is focussed on the Leeds City Region.

We have several national and regional programmes where we work with specific organisations in Manchester, Leicester and Birmingham.

Our team challenge activity is delivered in Bradford, Leeds, Harrogate, Halifax, Keighley and the surrounding towns.

Don’t be put off if you’re not from one of these places… our work always starts with a phone call from someone like you!


Partnerships are key to the way we work. We work with different partners depending on the impact we are trying to achieve.

Our partnerships often include a mix of funders, businesses, individuals, public sector and third sector organisations.

We look for partners that:

  • are passionate about the community
  • share our ethos and values
  • will share and develop ideas with us