The Venturists programme would not be possible without the help of local and national businesses getting involved and offering their support.

Venturist Kids

What We Can Do For You

Exposure and
Public Relations

Your business will receive valuable publicity and exposure of how your sponsor impacts the community. This can be showcased via social media as well as our website. This in turn will attract socially conscious customers as people appreciate businesses that care.

Volunteering Opportunties

Opportunity for employees of your business to volunteer to support the programme and see how your sponsorship is benefiting the students. Staff can even get involved with the dragons dens style element of the programme.

Environmental, Social and Governance

Supporting us will allow your business to meet its ESG needs and be a part of social change. As well as aid the development of young people and the local community surrounding them. Furthermore, our partnership will differentiate you from your competitors.

Positive Working Relationship

We have a proven track record of creating strong relationships with our sponsors such as Provident, Morrisons and NatWest. We can assist you with access to staff volunteering, team building days and much more!

How You Can Get Involved

We work with a range of businesses, meaning we have an array of sponsorship packages available to fall within your ESG budget. Each project is customised and tailored to suit the school and businesses needs. Alternatively, if you have a local school you want to support, we can make this happen.

Venturist Sawing Wood
Venturists at the Wall
Venturists at the Farm
Venturists in the Woods

The Venturists Sponsorship Plan

Venturist Pay Scale

The above table is a guide of what packages are available to businesses.

As each project is tailored to meet the needs of both the business and school, get in touch to discuss your bespoke package that meets your business needs.

Engage your business with a Venturist programme?

Our Partners

A special thank you to all that we work with for helping us to aid the development of young people as well as create a difference in their local communities.